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Wow! That is beautiful work zakezuke!

I wondered how to do columns the way you did in the sample posted. Thanks for the tip of saving the work then open it in the background and complete the other side.

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zakezuke ? i dont see the hole one your template
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quebec001 wrote:
zakezuke ? i dont see the hole one your template
Yes, when I make disc for others I do not add a hole in the center. Discs offer different center size, small is typicaly 17mm to 20mm. The outside size can be different too, between 117mm and 120mm, so if I made a 17mm it's size would change depending on what it's printed on to. none of this matters because the software adds it's own hole.

I wouldn't bother with an outside hole except it makes it clear it's a disc label and not a case label.

But needless to say I find it more important to add titles to foreign works than local works.

for example, if I was going to upload this disc to a french site I would add

[align=center]Je suis Luffy! Celui qui deviendra le Seigneur des Pirates!
Ore wa Luffy! Kaizoku-ou ni naru otoko da!
I'm Luffy! The Man Who Will Become Pirate King

[align=center]Essence Of A Mighty Sword! The Power To Cut Steel And The Breath Of All Things
Gouken no gokui! Koutetsu wo kiru chikara to mono no kokyuu.
Le secret d'une arme maudite ! La technique permettant de fendre l'acier
[/align] class="text_normal"

I have yet to find software that allows me to enter in a big number, a title, and translated title above or below easily.
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