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Ok so... Last weekend I went through the B.S. stress of "Parts in your printer have reached the end of their service life".... Contacted Epson (*BIG* mistake) then discovered the solution to my problem all over the internet. Pushed the stop/matinence/power button and, low and behold... wonders of wonders... it worked......

Then I went stupid. :angry: Yesterday, I took the damn thing apart thinking I would clean the little pad-thingies... also made the waste tank modifications like you guys suggested... now the damn thing won't work again (not your fault, I know). I'm getting a "General error. See your printer documentation (they're kidding, right?!) for information about clearing the error." message. Did the whole magic button thing...several times.... but to no avail.

Anyone got an idea how to save this P.O.S. from being tossed into the pool? We all know Epson won't be helpful...not without their extortion money.....

The worst part is... I've had this printer for a couple of years and, in that time, absolutely *loved* the beastie.... course, I've spent a rather large fortune on ink, but its seen me through mulitudes of professional print jobs both as a photographer and a maker of wedding& event invitations. I'd *REALLY* like to have it back, but, barring a miracle at this point, its gonna end up sleeping with the fishies....

Help save my pool!
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It probably depends upon how far down you stripped it -- whether you managed to misalign it, got the timing wrong or just left something loose.

If you uncoupled any connectors, have a good look at them and be sure they're not loose -- on the 300's there's one in particular under the cover where the accessory screen fits in that can be easily dislodged when you're putting the top back on (don't ask me how I know this...)

As you've now found out, it's best to leave well enough alone with these things -- they depend upon the outer shell to hold them together and the service agents use a jig to get them properly lined up after stripping down.

Given the replacement cost of these devices and the charges for getting them fixed, if you don't find the trouble yourself reasonably quickly it's usually best to just salute General Error and quick march the thing to the nearest wheelie bin.

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THanks! I didn't get very far with the strip down and the ribbon cable under the lid was the first thing I thought of after I got done ranting and raving about that which is the Epson Scam..... still get the General Error message.....

We did getsomething newlast night, though... hubby hit a random set of keys on the thing and actually came up with a request for a media card... I guess it was looking for some sort of software.... so...off to the great world of internet to see what *that's* all about.

Thanks again for your reply. I'm already looking at Canons.... any complaints on those before I start getting serious?
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katrylle wrote:
I'm already looking at Canons.... any complaints on those before I start getting serious?
So long as you're prepared to refill your cartridges you can do ok with the new Canons, but otherwise they're an absolute bottomless pit as there's no compatibles for them yet.

Older Canons, eg: MP780, iP4000, iP5000, etc... are still well worth getting and compatibles in abundance...

More info on here and on the nifty-stuff forums...
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