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Iam an amature butI want top quality prints. I like the i9900, r1800 and 2400, and the new hp b9180. I dont mind spending $700( although I would rather spend less)but I probably wont bedoing that much printing. I would like to get top notch b&w and color prints but I am also concerned about ink costs. Also longevity. I would also like to experiment with differentart media. I guess my main concerns are:

1. ability touse a wide range of media

2. longevity of prints

3. cost of ink and how long do they last

4. how long do the cartridges for the hp8750 last

5. good quality color and b&w prints out of the same machine

I am only considering an A3 printer

These are a lot of questions but Ifeel that this is a knowledgable bunch.

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I too am looking for a printer of the same specification.

My own web research shows the HP B9180 is a good bet (except there seems to be a dearth in the UK). Epson R2400 also highly thought of.

B9180 Ink consumption (see http://www.it-enquirer.com/main/ite/...k_consumption/)looks verylow, image quality excellent (on the basis of the limited info available)

Print heads are user replaceable (I find this important ever since I had an Epson clog irretrevably and waited weeks to have thething repaired- although to be fair, Epson eventually gave me a new printer [I suspect they lost the original]). If you only print occasionally this may be an issue for you too - ink-jets like to be used. If you really want a printer that can be left idle for ages and then print without probelms thena dye-sub may be better - but these only print up to 12x8.

I think the HP 8750 is also a good printer but a bit of an ink-guzzler - but probably no more than the some of the competition. But the B9180 seems to be very miserly and ink comes in big tanks too; see http://h10060.www1.hp.com/pageyield/uk/en/index.html

HP Vivera inks are supposed to be some of the most archival in the business. 8750/B9180 both have grey inks for top notch B&W output.

One issue that puts me off is the reputation of HP drivers to be buggy [search on this forum...] My only other HP is an old DJ990, but thedriver has given endless trouble.

For me one attraction of the HP's is the ethernet port - I understand I can put the printer somewhere convienient and print from any computer.

Reading this through I see I sound like an HP salesman! In truth I started off determined NOT to buy HP again, but I am rapidly converging on th B9180 for its image quality/archival life, low ink costs, and ethernet connectivity - the only problemis thatthere seem to be none in the UK at present!

Hope this helps... Let me know how you get on.
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Just to add to my ealier post, I saw a review of the 8750 (Amatuer Photographer) that was not impressed by the 8750 image qaulity. it seems to be a bit of an odd one out, but pushes me more to the B9180, even though I'll have to wait for it...
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I own a Epson 4000, HP designjet 130, Cannon i9900, and a brand new HP B9180. The HPB9180 has the richness and color guamet of the dye based Cannon i9900 and the longevity of the Epson pigment inks. so far the setup was easy and the prints are killer. The Cannon,Epson, and the designjet 130 are going bye bye. and I am going to add the new HP 2100 24" pigment printer that was just released, VERY IMPRESSIVE. The HP papers are great, but do not use the "HP premium" papers, they are "swellable" Papers for use with "dye" based ink-sets, use "microporus" Papers or the Cotton Rag types with the B9180 and all of the new HP pigment printers.



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