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I recently bought a canon MP500 and have printed a number of A4 size photos. All the photos does not match the colour on my monitor. Instead, it produces a very dark and rather dull photo unlike the bright and dynamic colours I see on my monitor. I do not want to match my monitor to the printer because I would then have to adjust all the colours in my photos which I shoot with my nikon Dslr.

I usually give my clients their photos in CD so if I adjust them to suit my monitor, I don't know what kind of colour they would see on their monitor. I would greatly appreciate if anyone can help me with this problem.

Things I have tried:-

a) Updated printer driver

b) Tried different colour profiles

c) Tried different medias

I had the same result for all of them. I tried printing from Photoshop and I also print from canon s/w but I still get the same result.
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I have a simple solution to your problem that I have used for a long time!!!

Instead of trying to make the prints look like your monitor just make your monitor look like your prints. [Read this again]

My solution:

Goto http://www.bullockpro.com/adjust_monitor.htm

Right click on the picture on the site [like the picture above] and print the picture. Then adjust your monitor to be like the printed picture. Eureka! WYSIWYG. [What you see is what you get] No expensive gadgets to buy.

Then when PP your photo your printed picturewill look like your monitor.

They will sent you free the Kodak ColorEvaluation Target if you ask. Click on link on that page.

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Be careful because the original poster wanted to have his pictures' colors come out properly when it's viewed on other people's computers.One (expensive) solution would be to set up another computer just solely for printing purposes. That way, all the colors on there would be calibrated properly for printing -- whereas the original computer would still have the proper color profiles for his Nikon camera.
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Yeah that's right, my photos will be given to clients to look on their pc. Is there any other alternative? Any available colour profile out there?
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