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I have a scan of the problem here http://www.alliani.net/files/printermess.jpg .
I've had this problem off and on, I'm assuming wet ink is somewhere being dragged across the paper by the cart, eventually it dries and everything's fine until I do something to fire it up again - probably changing ink cartridges or printing large numbers of photos.

Text documents come out fine but photos printed at anything other than draft quality on plain paper have various marks. Sometimes even actual droplets of ink in addition to the ink transfer. Most often the corners on the trailing edge (bottom of the scanned image) look to have been dipped in ink.

I cleaned what I could inside without taking anything apart, the pads to the left and right are just saturated and the long one under the paper has an area that's pretty heavily inked. I blotted up what I could but can't figure out how to get the carrier to stay to the left in order to blot up some of the excess ink from that end. There are also splatters on the interior of the body to the far right. The amount of ink just in the areas I can reach is outrageous! Is this normal? I swear the cardriges must continuously ooze for there to be that much ink.

My question now is how to get to the right-hand area where the cart rests and anywhere else that may be causing ink transfer/splattering without dismantling the entire printer (or with instructions how to dismantle and REMANTLE the thing...right now chucking it against the wall is tempting but I don't think I'd be able to put it all back together afterwards).

I also pulled out the tube for the waste ink and diverted that to an external container. I don't know exactly how long I've had the printer but I have a gallon sized zip-loc baggie stuffed full of used ink cartridges and do quite a lot of photo printing. Still no error message I've seen mentioned in other posts but now that I've said that I'm sure I've jinxed it and will probably be seeing it soon. The pads where the waste ink is originally deposited, should I attempt to clean that at all, or should I leave well enough alone? And if so, how do I get to them?

Do all (good) printers waste so much ink?? With the cost of ink what it is would it be more advantageous to just upgrade the printer to something that (hopefully) doesn't dump ink everywhere?

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