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I currently own a canon e05 digital camera, i would like to print the pictures i take with it on a high quality photo inkjet. At first i was looking for a sub dye printer but most are out of my price range and some only do 4x6. I would like a printer to do all standard sizes of photo printers be it 4x6 8x10 and maybe some obscure or large sizes and be able to output the highest quality print for a long time archival in a photo album on the best paper media available. Thank you sorry for being a n00b and i hope this post dosent look like a jumbled mess. P.S. this printer will only be used for photo printing.
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1. what's your budget?
- you mentioned that a sublimation printer was out of your range.

2. how often per week/month would you print out photos?
- if you are considering putting an album together or some sort of scrap book for a "spontaneous" project (which is sort of a "one-time" thing), you might want to consider having your pictures printed out at kits or ritz camera instead. it's a way cheaper investment. if you are thinking of selling your pictures (ie. using archival quality), your investment in a more expensive and professional printer should be your option.
- you should also know that it is recommended to use an inkjet printer at least once a week to avoid clogging of the nozzles -- even by simply printing a nozzle check once a week.
- so what are *your* plans??? there are printers for everyone's need .

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I always cringe when the word best is tossed around---because best is always relative to what your selection criteria is---and the relative weights you assign to the various tradeoffs made.

You state that you want archival inks---but know ye this---the paper you select is equally important. And a pigmented photoink is better for archival---which might imply the use of an Epson clogmaster---and then you trade off less dynamic colors also.

Somewhat also unstated but still clear is the issue of cost---you balk at paying for a dyesub which prices you out of that market---so if cost is important---what about the cost of replacement ink---are you willing to refill?---how will you interface your Camera to the printer---just a few of the variables that can be pondered---and I might add hotly debated.---including my possible insult on the Epson clogmaster
where the situations seems to be improving.

Many of us went for the now discontinued un-chipped canons as the best overall choice. Now that the Canon advantage is less compelling---and as everyone goes to chipping schemes of some sort---the future looks grim.
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