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phaedra1106 wrote:

No doubt they will, the new Canon Pixma iP4300 Photo Printer has already been announced, It may be worth waiting a couple of months and see what the new Epson HiDef printers are like, http://www.steves-digicams.com/digin...ml#epson_hidef

One thing I "believe" the ip6600D and the ip8500 have over the ip4200/5200/4300 is uniformed number of color nozzles. I'll have to double check my facts but I know that using swellable polymer paper is not a strong point, on my ip5200 for example yellow tends to look banded, this I believe is due to the fact the paper is showing accuratly the larger nozzles of the yellow on the backdrop of the more finly dithered cyan and magenta. It may be that going ip6600D/ip8500 would permit you to use the swellable papers and have them look good, but as i've not actually taken the time to print with these printers on this paper, I could be sadly mistaken.

It's a rather stupid policy I see... the 5000 line is faster but with 4 inks (now 5 with pigment black, which I don't need), the 6000 slower but with 6 inks. Why in the world don't they make a follow-up to the 8500 in A4??
Case in point, the i960 and the ip6000 were both 6 tank models, but the older i960 took a larger head with more nozzles and was much faster than the newer ip6000D, with no increase in resolution. Model numbers tend to be somewhat wacky.

I don't know why canon not offering an a4 ip8500 anymore. I would guess that anyone willing to shell out top dollar for a photo printer might as well get the a3 model, or they looked at their sales figures and saw that the ip8500 wasn't selling all that well.

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Thank you all for your replies...
I think I will buy the 660D.

In fact this printer is for my parents, which will not see the difference with the 8500 for sure, but will be happy about display etc.!

In a few months, when I will change my own, I will maybe look at the A3 models as well...

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