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I was making some online photo albums in www.dotphoto.com which I found to be a great site feature-wise. It even has a Flash-based slide show with music. However, the one major limitation I found was that pictures are reduced to 480x360 with lots of compression. My original pictures are between 5 and 3 MP and the ones I selected for online viewing were reduced to 800x600 which is the size I wanted them to be on the screen (640x480 is ok too). I really liked the site but the inability to see the pictures in their original size if I want to (like other sites such as Photobucket) turned me down.

Is there any other photo hosting site as good as dotphoto? One visitor that previewd the albums while I was building them really liked the musical slide show, so having this is a plus. I already know about Photobucket and is very good but does not have a slide show like dotphoto has. If the musical slide show has to go then I will stick with Photobucket.
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I use Flickr which does slide shows, but I don't believe there is music with the slide show. You can upload full res photo's and the viewer can choose which size to view. One complaint a family member made is that it takes several mouse clicks to view & download an original size photo and return to the album.

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I guess it's a matter of personal preference.

If I visit a photo album and hear music, I usually exit the site without bothering to look at it. Nothing irritates me more than having music start blaring through my speakers when I'm browsing.

Ditto if I see much in the way of Flash used on a web page. I see too many photo albums that show off the developers web design skills versus the photographs that they present.

Also, I don't like the way Adobe markets flash as being cross platform, while not providing current versions of Flash Player for Linux (Linux has been stuck at Flash Player version 7, while Flash Player 9 is available for Windows).

So, if I were developing content for the web, I would avoid using Flash at all costs, since a lot of Linux users can't stand the way Adobe has approached this market segment (promoting Flash as being cross platform, without providing a Flash Player capable of seeing Flash 8 or 9 content for that operating system yet).

If it's not too "flashy" (pun intended), sites can look OK using it. But, I've exited a lot of web albums without bothering to look at the photos, just because of the way Flash was being used to present them.

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