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Having spent the whole of my Sunday afternoon trying to find a site to deposit photos that suits my needs. I am in need of advice.

I take photos every week for a Hash Group in Jakarta (like a running group). Every week people say to me "you are always taking photos but we never see them".

So I would like to post my shots somewhere so I can just give everyone a once off web address where they can view the shots every week and as they get added to throughout the year.

I don't mind them being public, I'm not trying to sell, though if people want to order from the site that's up to them.

It doesn't help having public galleries unlessmy friendscan navigate directly to my particular gallery. Neither does it help if each album is assigned a new location. I don't want my friends bombarded with junk mail after they have viewed the photos either.

Can anyone advise.


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maybe buy server space and get a domain name?

with all free storage sites there is normaly a catch

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Have you looked at Flickr (a Yahoo owned company) ?

There are 2 options either Free (some limits on file size and bandwidth) or 20$us a year for a mostly limit free account.

You now even have the one time option of selectiog your portfolio name instead of a machine generated name.

Images can be organized into sets and collections, keyword taged and dropped on a location map.

There is a waiting period of a few weeks after you set up and account before it starts to show up in public searches while they validate your content as "safe" during this time anyone can still view the images if they know your url.

I just set up a account a few weeks ago http://www.flickr.com/photos/silverwindstudio/

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I've been with Smugmug for almost a year now. Very easy to use and navigate. You get unlimited storage and can choose from 3 levels of membership. The different levels mostly allow you more customization over your site. You can check out my site if you like to get an idea:


If you like what you see they have a 14 day free trial.



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