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hello everyone,

this is not exactly about photo-sharing sites, but I didn't find a better section to post this under.

I'm curious as to what backup solution you people use for your pictures. of course, there are 2 basic possibilities. goes without sayint that it all depends on individual needs, but I'm curious as to how you do it and why.

1. locally on hds/dvds

the disadvantage is to have to renew your backup stuff every couple of years or so to upgrade space and make sure you won't lose your hd in the event of a hd failure (which is only a matter of time). you'll probably keep dvds with backups; I have maybe around 70 gbs of pics right now, which is certainly less than most, and that would mean about 20 dvds for now. requires a constant effort and some permanent investment in media and hds...

2. online storage

I'm talking about backing up pictures, not necessarely online services (though they might be a good reason to pick online storage over local). I've read a few reviews of sites like zoto, smugmug and flickr, and they seem pretty interesting. that's an easy way to keep an index of everything as well. the disadvantage is being limited by your bandwidth, but bandwidth has been increasing at a much higher pace than file sizes, so I'm guessing that won't be a problem in the near future. and even if your house burns down, you'll still have them. you can see I lean towards this option, though I haven't set up an account yet. so if that's your pick, which website do you use and why?

thanks for your input.
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no way of backing up is totaly safe

i have backups on hard drive......these are slave drives not primary so if windows crashes or virus attack they should be safer.

back ups onto dvd too, comined with a 4 gig card its perfect, when cards full just back it up to dvd, at about 15p each they are dirt cheap, keep it safe in a case and you should be ok.

online is ok but id not use it as just your only source

and make sure that the really special pics that mean most have a few back ups just incase !!!!

you can never be too carefull

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I agree with Reanimator,I would also add print them as well and

store them in an album to keep them flat store the album in a dry

place away from strong light, temperature and humdidity extremes.

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I backup to HD. I use externals drives for this which are only attached when backing up or working on photos.

Every photo is on 2 HD's at any one time and I follow this process after a shoot.

Download cards onto Jobo Giga 1 40Gb. Delete those that are OOF, not framed well, no action that is required etc etc

Then from there the cards go onto my 320Gb External as well as the Jobo. The ones on the 320Gb are the ones I edit so I always have an original available. When the Jobo is full then all files on there will go onto my 500Gb External. Once the 320 is full then I will buy a new drive for photos.

I've used DVD's in the past but have been without a DVD burner for a while. Now I'm working with a new laptop I will go back to doing this for weddings and portraits.
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thanks for the replies, everyone.

I decided hiring an online photo storage site. I like how you can organize everything... and I'm always on the move, hds are too messy for me. it took me a few days just to put all of my digital photos together in one place. I'm sure pro shooters like mark are better off with large hds... but I realized I took 50 gigs of pics since around 2003. I'm at about 10 or 15 gigs a year lately, so the internet turned out to be the best option for me.

the funny thing is that the same day I decided to organize all my digital pics, I went to my uncle's and they were sorting out their old slides. with digital, if you tag your stuff right, you're set for life (remember that time 30 years ago when a bat got inside the house and grabbed aunt mary's wig? -> just click tags 'bat', 'aunt mary' or 'wig' and you get to show it to your grandkids wherever you are )

it's a great time to be an amateur photographer. I remember about 8 years ago when I'd give my left kidney to have a camera that would print date, time and camera settings on a hidden part of the negative. I had a little notebook and would register apperture and shutter speeds to get a feel of what they did. now you can even sort stuff using that.
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