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BTW, I just checked this thread using multiple browsers, and that image shows up just fine, even with cookies and browser cache cleared, with no login to Steve's (and I'm using an IP address assigned to a small rural telephone company in SC right this minute)

That tells me that the referrer url (which would tell them that the link was posted to a page on our servers) is not the issue (since it would be the same for both me and you).

IOW, they can tell the site the link was on, too (that's what a referrer url is for), and could block hot linking from Steve's if they really wanted to. But, from what I can see, that's not the issue.

It's probably that they're preventing your IP Address from seeing hot linked images (and when you post it into an address bar, it's not seeing any referrer ID and may be allowing it to load, since it's not technically hot linked doing it that way). Then, it's in your browser's cache and shows up in posts.

Note that there are ways to "spoof" things like the referrer URL (or remove it entirely), so that they can't tell the page the link was found on. Some security software may even strip it out. Some malware may also change it to something else (in order to make a site more popular). So, I'd see what you get on a different PC, too (to rule out any malware infection that's changed the referrer ID to a site they don't want hot linking on).

But, from what I can tell, that image works just fine from here when hot linking it, and they're not blocking it because of it being posted at Steve's (otherwise, I couldn't see it in posts using multiple browsers).

So, they're probably looking at your IP address and not allowing you to see hot linked images for some odd reason (my guess is because they saw high bandwidth usage from the domain your ISP is associated with). That's just a guess.

The image you embedded in the above post here is being loaded directly from the ImageShack servers to your internet browser. So, it's not something wrong with our forums causing the issue since I can see it just fine. It's something they're doing instead.

I'd complain and see what they say about it (and if they want to restrict you from viewing hot linked images, I'd suggest using a different host for those images). ;-)
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I can see the image just fine.
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I guess this is not a problem with my IP from Argentina. We are not so many publishing in Imageshack. May be it's a triple click traffic strategy or some kind of discrimination. I will stay away from Imageshack for the moment.
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