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Default Easily create online photo albums

Photobird.com enables digital camera users to easily create online photo albums, using an intuitive, attractive web-based interface. Check it out at http://www.photobird.com .

Photobird.com offers:

- Professionally-designed, easy-to-use photo albums
- Easy-to-remember links, such as http://www.photobird.com/ekrimen/Europe/swan
- Send to a Friend button, to easily send links of photos and photo albums
- Easily add titles and descriptions to your photos and photo albums
- No advertisements or solicitations on your photo albums
- and more...

The easy way to share your photos with friends and family around the world

SAN FRANCISCO, CA. - December 15, 2003 - Photobird.com today announced the immediate availability of its new easy-to-use, professionally-designed website that enables digital camera users to easily share their digital photos. Photobird.com enables digital camera users to easily create online photo albums, using an intuitive, attractive web-based interface. For a free trial, visit www.photobird.com .

"Digital camera users want an easy and attractive way to share their photos on the web. Photobird.com was designed specifically for digital camera users to easily create beautifully designed online photo albums, so they can share their photos, and be proud of their photo collections," said Ed Krimen, co-founder and Chief Executive Officer, Photobird.com. "Websites are too difficult to build for most people, and most sites are not designed well, making them difficult or unattractive to use. Photobird.com makes it very easy to share your photos in professionally designed online photo albums."

Photobird.com is faster, easier, and more convenient than e-mailing your photos to friends and family. When you want to share your photos on Photobird.com, you only need to send your personal Photobird.com link -- which is much simpler than sending megabytes of data each time you want to send photos to someone. Your friends and family can then select which photos they want to see, instead of waiting for them all to download. Plus, Photobird.com automatically creates smaller, web-ready versions of your photos when you add them to your album, so your photos can be viewed quicker. Your original photo is still available too.

With its attractive, user-friendly web interface, Photobird.com offers a variety of unique features that will interest everyone who takes digital photos. "It's very easy and simple to send my photo links to people by using the Send to a Friend button," said Carol Caruso, a professional photographer in Paris, France. "I like the picture upload process too, very clean and simple."

Digital camera users who like to link directly to their photos and photo albums will enjoy Photobird.com's easy to remember links. Photobird.com uses the names of your photos and photo albums to create links -- not an unintelligible string of strange characters. You can even link directly to photos, which is useful when when posting them on eBay online auctions, classified ads, message boards, and forums. Plus, Photobird.com allows for an unlimited hierarchy of photo albums within photo albums to make organizing your photos very simple and straightforward. Also, your photo albums are presented to your visitors without advertisements, to maximize viewing speed and enjoyment.

Subscribers and visitors to Photobird.com benefit from the informative and helpful articles in the Photobird Learning Center that are available for free to everyone visiting Photobird.com. Some notable articles include advice from Michael Reichmann, a professional photographer for over 35 years. "I'm particularly impressed by the Michael Reichmann articles, " says Mark Goldstein, photographyblog.com, London, England. "The Photobird Top 10 List for Buying a Digital Camera is very clear and informative."

Photobird.com offers flexible and convenient monthly and yearly subscription options, available immediately from www.photobird.com/subscribe . For less than $5 per month -- about the price for storage space for a website that you would need to build yourself -- Photobird.com provides the storage space and the unique, professionally-designed web interface to make it easy to create your own online photo albums. Access to the Photobird Learning Center is free for all visitors to Photobird.com. The Photobird Learning Center is available at www.photobird.com/learn/ .

Photobird.com makes it easy for digital camera users to share their photos with friends and family around the world. Focusing on the needs of customers, Photobird.com wants your experience sharing and viewing photographs to be the best it can be. For more information about Photobird.com, visit www.photobird.com .
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*Unlimited* storage (check the page for detailes)
You can customize the look of your site, and it includes a domain name.
You set up the site and upload the images. Tthey sell/print/deliver and bill for them; then ocassionaly send you a check at some intervals.

Other accounts with fewer features starting from 39$ SmugMug accounts

your personal coupon ( o7AG0UZF76dG6 ) in the 'Referred by' field on the signup form (Important: They can't enter any other information, only....coupon ( o7AG0UZF76dG6 ).......

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