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Default Help needed!

Hello, my best mate who's getting married in a couple of weeks has asked me to create a UK based online account that will allow people at the wedding to upload their photo's to.

From this, he & his wife can then sort through the one's they like then put them on photobucket for everyone to view.

My dilemma is that I can't seem to find anywhere that merely allows uploads only. My mate and his fiancee don't want people to be able to go in and download, share/link etc the pictures before they've gone through them.

I have created a photobucket account for them and tried all sorts of things, including creating a Group Album but all this does is ask for the main username/password which will then allow anyone to download, view, link/share all the pictures kind of defeating the object of having a Group album I think.

Any advice would be greatfully received.
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That's right. What you have discovered is the way that it is. (Been thru the same route and even wrote to Photobucket asking about copy protection.) Fact of the matter is that copy protection is really not assured as it is always possible to do screen captures.

A possibility might be to have people send you photos and then you downsize and/or watermark ones which you post as candidates for viewing in a folder marked "preliminary" (use "prelim" or "sample" in the file name). Post any processed/developed finals for download from Photobucket in a separate folder suitably marked. Compose a slide show of the wedding (with suitable audio) using the wedding photos and include it and photo finals on a CD that can be distributed to key participants. The CD also serves as memento documentary

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