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I take photos for my daughters local soccer team.
I'd like to be able to allow the parents to order their own prints for themselves.
Right now I have to compress the hell out of them to save them on my tiny 10 meg web space. this makes poor candidates for printing.

I'm curious (this is something new to me).
1. Is there a site/service that would allow me to store the photos in a larger size and somehow magically compress them for viewing.
2. allow the user to buy prints (real photo not inkjet) in whatever size.

The site would need to begin at 20 megs and be able to grow.
I'd like to seamlessly integrate it with the current web page.
Inexpensive picture price, competitive with wolf, walgreens etc.

this sounds greedy but a small kickback would be a plus, not important.

Could someone point me in the right direction?
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Sounds like www.flickr.com would work for you. They have all the features you cite except for a kickback. Their free storage is unlimited, but with that they have a monthly upload limit. If you sign on as a pro user (like $100 a year or something), then they either lift the upload limit or remove it entirely. There is no storage limit.
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SmugMug Pro They keep a small precentage of your sales.
*Unlimited* storage (check the page for detailes)
You can customize the look of your site, and it includes a domain name.
You set up the site and upload the images. Tthey sell/print/deliver and bill for them; then ocassionaly send you a check at some intervals.

Other accounts with fewer features starting from 39$ SmugMug accounts

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Old Jun 17, 2007, 9:31 PM   #4
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SmugMug's mantras are ease of use and style. Easy for you to upload and arrange. Easy for your admirers to navigate and buy prints.

Upload 100s of photos with a few clicks. Bulk caption, bulk move, and bulk delete. If your captions are embedded in your photos as IPTC (International Press Telecommunications Council) data, we automatically use them.


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free printing account.
unlimited storage.

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maybe i am not fussy but kodak gallery has always worked for me for the same thing
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