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Being new to all things digital i am in need of knowing the best way to store my pictures?

so far i've been taking my sd card to either a Sam's Club or Ritz & just having them put the photos on a disk & that acts as my negatives. I am coming from film here & just dont know what is safest/best to do. Dont want to keep them all on computer as i am afraid it will be too much memory space taken up.

is it safe just having them put on a cd? or do i need to store them some other way?

i have also been using snapfish.com to share them b/c when i share them via attachments they are too large for anyone to get. being new i have no idea how to fix the size either so they come across in good quality vs tiny & distorted.

any help????? and i mean any?????

been playing w/a free download of photoshop but WHEW that is way beyond my knowledge for now. i do see on there how you can go up & down w/pixels but would nto know what numbers to go to on which colum. i need a photoshop for dummies!
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Hi Tinkerbell 2002,

Good question!

Yes, it is okay to store on CD. You can also store on DVD media. However, not all media is equal!!! You want to be sure and store your "best photos" on superior quality CD or DVD media.

FYI, you have approximately 6x the space on a DVD that you do on a CD.

Also, you could download your pics to your PC, then burn them to your own CD or DVD media. That would save time/expense at Sam's club.

Also, consider Paint Shop Pro 8 (or later). Lots available on Ebay. You can do most of what you do in Photoshop in Paint Shop Pro at fraction of price/learning curve of Photoshop.:idea:

If you know someone in your circle of friends who knows dig photos and PCs, she/he could show you what I mean.

Welcome to the digital age!
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