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Another suggestion for the online album is......


They offer a service which includes your own domain name, multiple themes for the gallery, very good support and more funcions than I can list. You even have the ability to give your friends and family their own login names and password so you can choose who sees what.

Here is a link to a new site that a friend of mine has just set up.....


Check out the slideshow, it's sweet.
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Old Jun 23, 2005, 10:17 AM   #12
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I Have used PBASE before for personal file shares and it is fairly good for small shares.

Now I would like to use someone elses server space and bandwidth to accomodate our club photos. Most photos are shot in RAW and even JPEG's can run to 2-3 MB.

My question with PBASE is... Can multiple users access and DL photos? We Ideally would like to allow club members DL access to our files for a limited time. Then use the site as an on line archive.

Is 300 MB nearly enough space for our storage needs? At any given event we can take over 200 Pic's so storage space as well as bandwidth can beccome an issue.

Am I asking too much of paid online sites?Will I need to establish my own online server? Seems a huge expense and hassle just for club photo management tools.

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Hello TDHeller,
I own a photo sharing site http://atpic.com
and I guess it will cost you less if you rent space in a photo sharing site. Renting your own server will cost you around $100 a month at good places like servermatrix or ev1. Then you have to count time for systems administration and of course development time if you ask for feature that do not already exist in existing open source packages.
As I own atpic, I could include the feature you ask in my existing system. If you are interested use the contact page on atpic. Do you have a good idea of the total disk space you would need and how it would evolve in time ?
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Another easy way is if you have Microsoft Power Toys on Win XP. Just right click on your photo file(s) and the menu has "reduce picture size" on it. Then it allows you to select from several sizes. I use it all the time when I post on Photobucket. After I upload them to Photobucket I just delet the resized images as I still have the originals.
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I have found that the best photo sharing site is The Black Stripe (http://www.theblackstripe.com).

It allows you to upload an unlimited amount of photos and share them with your friends automatically. You find/invite friends to join and much like The Facebook or Friendster, they are automatically notified of your photos.

It also allows you to send messages about photos back and forth through the site as well as set security preferences for each photo.

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Old Dec 21, 2005, 7:06 PM   #16
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I use www.fotki.com

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Most free sites won't display at over 600 X 800 and that displays a nice photo.

I think the easiest way to resize is with Irfanview. You can resize an entire folder at once with the largest dimension set at 800 pixels. So your horizontal photos will end up 800 X 600 and your vertical ones 600 X 800. You can choose a JPG quality and send it to a different folder so you don't overwrite the originals. Another option is to rename them in the same process to protect the originals.

To get the images down to a certain size in kb you have to give up something. If you choose a medium JPG compression they look pretty good. Any bitmap option that will give you an equivalent size will either give a smaller image or cut your color depth. There isn't a free lunch and I think a medium JPG compression gives the best image.

A full 7Mp image compresses to about 800k at Photoshop quality 7 optimized. $23 gets you 300Mb and $60 gets you 900 Mb at pbase. That is probably cheaper than setting up your own server and web site and much easier. And a quality 7 at that size prints an 8 X 10 pretty well.

Yes people can view and download any of the images unless you password protect them. Just provide them with the gallery or album URL.

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Old Jan 3, 2006, 1:02 AM   #18
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Here is whereI go:


Those are my pics

It costs me 24 bucks a year.. not bad.. I can upload photos as high in resolution as I want.. it only counts my number of photos online. I can store up to 1500. I go through them every few months. You can view the full image or 5 different sizes.
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I use :
<a href= http://www.clic-images.com

for me simply the best free professionnal sharing photo site !

Mister G

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Here you can find an interesting overview of the most important photo sharing sites: http://reviews.cnet.com/4520-6451_7-6245143-1.html

I have been comparing them for some time before i decided to go for smugmug because of the very positve comments of users here on dpreview, and the fact that PC MAGAZINE chose smugmug as "Editor's Choice".
Standard account is $29.95/ year, which gives you:

- unlimited storage space !
- full res download permitted
- elegant and sophisticated gallery styles
- no ads or spam, etc…

Smugmug offers a free 7 day trial (According to the website 9 out of ten stay). If you subscribre and use my code RexaramzeghMy or you use this link you save $5 on your subscription: http://www.smugmug.com/?referrer=RexaramzeghMy
Im using Smugmug for over a week now and i am already totally addicted ;-)

Good luck,

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