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Kanji Jul 15, 2003 8:51 PM

Action Question
I am using Photoshop Elements 2 and I trying to get my dwonloaded 'actions' to work. I have placed them in the photoshop-actions folder,but that is as far as I have gotten. How do you access them so that you can use them on the loaded photo? I can see filters,and I can see my "dreamsuite' plugins,but, I cannot get the 'Actions' to come up, I don't even know where to look. Thanks

JimCummings Jul 16, 2003 10:17 AM

Actions have to be loaded after they are put into the folder. Use the flyout menu (little > at top right of the actions folder) choose load and you're in business.


bwarnke Aug 3, 2003 8:43 PM


I don't believe Elements can run actions by itself, but there is a book out by Richard Lynch called "The Hidden Power of Photoshop Elements 2" that can help you. Much of it is at a more advanced level than I understand right now, but it also includes a cd that adds a number of things to the programs, including the capability to run actions. I highly recommend the book and cd.

You may also get some help by visiting the Hidden Elements site at :

You can download a free actions player here. You might also look at

I'm just getting into some of this and there's a big learning curve (at least for me), but the book and cd add significant power to Elements and gives you many of the capabilites that the regular Photoshop has. Hope this helps.


Bill W.

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