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Hello Everyone,

Quick question I need to put my signature and copyright logo on over 100 pictures that I have. I have created my signature and saved it to a brush in PS CS so all I have to do is pick the color I want and stamp it on there. But it is just so time consuming opening up every picture individually and doing it. I have to think there must be a better way when you have so many pictures to do, like a way to have it placed in the lower corner of every picture some how. Can anyone help I would so much appreciate it. Thank you for reading

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I have created a PS action to place my sig and then use the Automate command to apply this to all opened pictures. There is still some manual work to do to make sure it is placed in the right location and to resize it.
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If you're not attached to PS CS, you could use CopyRightLeft. It's a stand-alone programm, pretty simple, but works very well.

You can find it at: http://www.lunerouge.org/spip/rubriq...id_rubrique=43

But you can just ad text. No picture as copyright.
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Hi Chad
This is a classic case for using actions in PSCS.
First, create a new folder to receive the images with the text added. Then:
1 Make sure the Actions Pallette is open (Window>Actions) and it is not in 'Button Mode', ie no colored buttons visible. If it is , open the pallette menu by clicking on the little black triangle at the top right of the pallette and click on 'Button Mode'.
2 Open one of your files.
3 Click 'New Action' in the pallette menu, call it 'Add Text' or something , and click 'Record'
4 Add the text to the photo, then Layer>Flatten Image or use your brush to add it.
5 File>Save As to your new folder.
6 File>Close
7 In the pallette menu, click 'Stop Recording'
8 File>Automate>Batch. Set 'Action' to Add Text, 'Source' to 'Folder' and click 'Choose' to point at your new folder.
9 Click 'OK', sit back and watch it all happen.
Actions are at the heart of Photoshop, once you have mastered them life becomes much easier.

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Thank you,

This is great I did not relise just how powerful PS is. This is great!

Thanks again,

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great stuff

now i can't wait to try it out
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