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tony3dd Dec 18, 2010 7:59 AM

Aperture and Nik Software
Hi all I just bought Nik Softwares complete collection, and must say I'm a bit disappointed with the stability, and quality of this software. For starters, I have noticed with Sharpener pro that the progress bars are way off screen towards the top left, with no way if pulling them back in. I also noticed, if you cancel the plugin it will hang Aperture 70% of the time. I have had other issues with define2.0. Sometimes it will leave a completely black window after applying the plugin. Haven't played around to much, but so far I'm beginning to feel like a beta tester. I'm running this in Mac OS 10.5.8, on an intel Mac Pro. Do these plugins perform any better in 10.6?

mtngal Dec 18, 2010 8:30 PM

The only Nik plug-in I have is Viveza. I've never had a problem using it with either Lightroom or CS4 on my MacBook Pro running 10.5.8. However, I had trouble with HDR Efex and Lightroom. I think my MacBook Pro (over 2 years old now) might be undersized or else I have some setting (memory?) wrong with LR.

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