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I was wondering if the effect to the fairy photo at the link belowwas done using a plug in. If so, where would I get it? Any other ideas on how this was done?



You'll have to scroll down to see the larger image:

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things what come to mind wheni look at that is a "wings" brush was probably used and then auto effects mystic lighting and a little hard work.

i have never seen anything that could do that all in one bundle, its a case of been creative and using things from different sources

pm the dude who shot the pic he can tell u in more detail what he (or she) did

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It looks like she (I'm going to assume it's a she as the images are signed "Paula") probably left some time last September.

I took a look at it in Photoshop, and if I had to guess, I'd say the background of that image is a painting (either real paint or painted digitally), probably something she found online somewhere. I can't be sure without seeing something higher resolution, but it just doesn't look like a photo. I've seen (and created) many photos with paint filters applied, and they just don't look like that. The way everything is simplified but also very sharp at the same time is much more typical of a high quality painting than an altered photo.

The misty, ghost-like water also does not look like something I'd find in or derived from a photo. It doesn't splash to the ground at the bottom, but rather floats away. If you brighten the image, you'll also notice that the bottom portion is a shear drop off. A very unlikely natural formation to find, and even more unlikely to have a convenient vantage point where the photographer must have been.

The other reason I think it was something she found rather than created is because the added elements don't look as good. If I had somehow created that background, I'd also have the skill to make the glow of the fairy look more interesting without blasting it with a Photoshop lens flare.

I suspect there was a fairy originally in the background image, and either she took a photo of the girl and put her in a similar position, or she just pasted her head in there and applied a few effects, which is what I suspect. The head has much darker shadow areas than the body, a different skin tone, a somewhat awkward looking position with the neck turn, and there's a large gash in the top of the head through which you can see the leaves in the background.

edit: I took a quick browse through some of her old posts to see if she had anything else like this. I didn't find anything, but all the photos I saw looked far better than the photos that accompanied this fairy image. She at least knows how to properly process a photo as well as take it, but nothing to indicate how she could have photographed this scene and altered it so drastically or painted it herself.
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