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I have a Digital Rebel XT and have just begun experimenting with RAW format.
My Rebel XT came with a free version of Pixmantec RawShooter Essentials 2005.
I also have Paint Shop Pro version X which has tools to convert RAW files but they do not seem as flexible as RawShooter.

I know that Pixmantec was acquired by Adobe and the replacement is the Lightroom software.

Any suggestions on best tools to use?

Another thought I had was to dump PSP and buy PS Elements. I mainly use PSP for photo editing and am open to switching. I can't justify the cost of the full Photoshop CS3, but Elements could be an option. I generally like PSP, though the lack of support (few 3rd party manuals, websites, etc.) makes it less attractive.

Any thoughts?

Thanks, in advance, for your input.


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I have RSE, and find it a very quick and good way to convert raw. The key seems to be in the processing parameters - setting them to get good color balance for your camera is essential. A number of people have complained of poor color rendition, particularly with skin tones. Other than that, it is one of the better converters.

I'm not familiar with PSP - had a trial version that I let lapse, not because of anything wrong with the s/w, but I have Photoimpact, and am much more familiar with it. Both PSP and PI have more funcionality then PS Elements (at least v.3, which I also have - came with scanner) Most people will point out that elements is plenty adequate for photo editing and retouching (which it is) and is a way into the Photoshop world. I can do about anything in PI that can be done by Photoshop, for about the same cost as Elements. Elements does include Adobe Camera Raw, which is upgradeable for new cameras, though the last update wasn't applicable to v.3

My recommendation would be to use what you have - RSE and PSP- until you find you can't do what you need to do.

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