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Recommendations for PC users are:

1. Noise Ninja
2. Neat Image
3. Grain Surgery

Recommendations for Mac users are:

1. Grain Surgery
2. Use a Windows emulator and run Noise Ninja
3. UltraISO

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That is a pretty old article and all of them have gone through modifications. Neat Image is now much faster and improved. I'm not saying it is better, but you would need new tests to really compare.

Maybe Noise Ninja is now available as a Photoshop plug-in, but it wasn't in the past. It makes a big difference to not have to export selections to an independent program for processing. And if you want to do it right you usually want to apply different reductions to different parts of the picture.

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i own and use both noise ninja and neat image i still prefer neat image overall. there are images that do better with NN. so all in all you may end up owning/using both.

there is an Apple OS/X native version of neat image now


noise ninja is available as a PS plug in as a beta the finished version is etimated to be out at the end of Q1 2005
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Noiseware is another product that's gaining in popularity.

They've gotmultiple versions of it, including a free "Community Edition". The free edition is a standalone program (versus a plugin) with some limitations (8 bit only, strips EXIF from images), but it does a pretty good job with noise while retaining a high amount of detail.

They also have trial versions of the other (not free) releases available:


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I would like to put in a comment on this thread. I have compared Noiseware Pro, NoiseNinja, Neat Image and Digital Gem Pro plugins for the PS CS on the Mac. I have purchased Noiseware Pro above the others because:

1. Very easy to use with 2 preview screens that let one home in on an area much more easily than the other programs.
2. It is very fast - almost instant reprocessing with simple comparison to the unprocessed image: just hold the mouse down.
3. The 14 presets for specific images are very easy to use.
4. It processes 16 bit.
5. The support is excellent from the developers and immediate.
6. Most importantly, the results from Noiseware are every bit as good as the other programs and subjectively better if you choose the right preset.
7. There is a free PS Actions that makes it even easier for batch processing.
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I tried five different noise reduction programs and Noiseware Pro was the clear choice for me as well.

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Old Feb 13, 2005, 10:28 AM   #7
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I exclude the stand alone progs, for as you have mentioned they force to apply it to the whole image and to open a new application.

Noise Ninja and Noiseware pro are available as Photoshop plugins, meaning one can NR only one channel, only a selection, or to use History Brush to undo or smooth the effect of NR filter in some areas...

That's great.
In a quick comparison between Noiseware pro 3(0.0.2) and Noise Ninja 2.0.3b

The latter has a far more complex interface, with many more panels, but is slower and tends to smooth more the details in areas where NR should stay away from.

Noiseware is much faster, only has one large panel with some settings, but not as many icons and windows as NN, yet it is faster and more accurate, preserving details better and equally well removing noise in solid areas and, I reharse, doing it faster and without even a manual profiling needed.

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you said you eliminated the free standers and only went for the ones with plug ins. i guess you missed the neat image plug in for PSCS.
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I just downloaded and installed the new Noise Ninja plug-in for Photoshop CS (Ver. 2.1.1). It is very cool and I love how you can edit a picture within photoshop instead of first having to export it to a stand-alone editing program.

Thus, because of this new development...I'm voting for Noise Ninja.
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I'm a Noise Ninja user too and it is my favourite - particularly as others have said as a plugin (for PSP9 in my case.)

Have tried free versions of Neat Image and Noiseware but have just become aware of a new 'player' PICTURE COOLER - still freeware at the moment and probably worth a look. It is likely to be shareware when it 'grows up' and there are plans for a plugin eventually.


Check it out - a small download and very basic web site but worth supporting.


Oh by the way, Michael Almond has had a look at it and placed it third after NN and NI.


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