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I posted a new Photoshop action set for enhancing the color in your digital images.

The TLR Enhance Color action set is a free download. It lets you selectively lighten/darken specific ranges of color (reds, greens, blues, cyans, magentas, yellows). It also includes actions for enhancing skin tones (you can warm or cool them) and for simultaneously warming highlights and cooling shadows.

This is intended to be part of a larger TLR Professional Photographic Effects Toolkit. The entire toolkit will be free to the Photoshop community.

There are twelve different actions for darkening/lightening specific color ranges (reds, greens, blues, cyans, magentas, and yellows). The actions create action sets/groups in Photoshop CS/CS2. Each creates two layers. One to lighten/darken and the other to boost saturation. The layers are 25% opacity to give you lots of control over the effect.

There are two actions for enhancing skin tones. One warms skin tones; the other cools skin tones. They also use two layers. One for color balance. The other for a slight saturation boost. The color balance layer is 50% opacity and the other is 25% opacity.

The final action simulataneously warms highlights and cools shadows. It creates three separate layers. One to warm highlights, another to cool shadows, and a third to maintain the original luminosity. The warming and cooling layers are 75% opacity. The layer for maintaining luminosity is 100% opacity.

These actions are more efficient than similar actions in PhotoKit Color. The TLR Color Enhance actions use adjustment layers rather than pixel-based layers. This reduces the memory consumption and the size of the resulting files. (The one exception is the luminosity maintaining layer in the cool/warm action, which is pixel-based.)


Comments and suggestions would be appreciated.



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