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I created an action set today that's useful for making edge masks for sharpening and surface masks for noise reduction.

If you like to "roll your own" sharpening with Unsharp Mask or Smart Sharpen, you will find the edge mask actions in my TLR Edge and Surface Masks action set to be helpful.

Likewise, if you use a noise reduction tool like Neat Image or Noise Ninja, you can use a surface mask to keep the noise reduction software from softening your image.

Conventional edge and surface masks use contrast in tone (i.e., luminosity or brightness) to define the edges in an image. The TLR Edge and Surface Masks action set includes actions for luminosity edge masks. However, it also includes a unique set of edge and surface masks that start with the customary luminosity edges and enhances them by also including edges with differences in color (even though they have the same tone). Enhanced masks take longer to generate and require more resources while the actions run, but they do pick up detail missed by the conventional luminosity masks used by sharpening tools like PhotoKit Sharpener, Focal Blade, etc.

You also have a choice of four widths for the masks generated by the TLR Edge and Surface Masks action set. The general purpose default is Medium width. Bit for portraits and softer subjects, there is a Wide width. Very fine details can be obscured by a broader mask, so there are also Narrow and Extra Narrow width masks, too.

The TLR Edge and Surface Masks action set is compatible with Adobe Photoshop CS/CS and with earlier versions of Photoshop.





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