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I'm using a D70 and I just took some pitctures in raw.. i couldn't them to open in photoshop so I went a searched for a raw converter.. I downloaded version 3.2 from the adobe website because it said it worked with my camera.. I unzipped the file and moved into my adobe/plugins/fileformats folder. Then I opened photoshop and tried to open the picture. I select file>open the window poped up and I found the picture, which is now showing up, it wasnt before i got the converter. i clicked it to open then i get a pop up that says this converter is not compatible with this version of photoshop.

I am a photoshop newbe I really don't know a think about it but I want to learn and I and I can't play with my picture if I can't get it to open...

Please help before I throw this laptop across the room
thanks Kim
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Kim, the ACR (Adobe Camera RAw) 3.2 you downloaded is only compatible with PS CS2.

Adobe does not offer a raw converter compatible with Photoshop version 6, and never has.

They had an early, optional version of it released for PS version 7. But, it's no longer available, and it wouldn't support your D70 anyway. You'd need newer versions for that.

ACR Version 2.4 would work with it, if you had Photoshop CS. ACR 3.3 (the latest for CS2) would work if you had Photoshop CS2 (as will ACR 3.2 with PS CS2).

But, nothing from Adobe is going to work with your version of Photoshop and raw files from your camera.

Newer versions of Photoshop Elements can also convert raw files using the correct versions Adobe Camera Raw. Adobe has a habit of making you buy newer versions of software to get new camera models added to ACR. ;-)

You can find a number of third party tools that can convert it's raw files, though.

If you want a free product, check out UFRAw . If you scroll down you'll find a link to a Windows version if you're using Windows.

Also, check out Raw Shooter Essentials. It's a free product that can convert with your D70 .nef files (and they have a pro version that's not free).

There are more choices available (both commercial and free).

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