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is there a plug in or something??? i can do a save to web then my image ready opens and then it can save as a jpeg but i don't think thats the right thing to do.. please help. i want to be able to upload my pictures on the web for sharing and printing

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If you are using your jpegs on the web, the saving them with Image Ready will decrease the size and make them a little smaller for the web.

You can however just save them in Photoshop. When you click the Save As, there will be a drop down in the File Type field. You should be able to select JPEG there.

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thanks I figured it out I had 16 bit selected and you can't save as a jpeg in 16 bit but when i changed it to 8 bit there it was save as jpeg.. thanks
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pjporter is correct in that 'Save for web' will enable you to reduce the file sizes far more efficient for posting to the web than 'Save as'.

Strictly speaking though, ImageReady doesn't actually open, only the function 'Save for web' dialog will appear as you have seen already.

If keeping your file size low is important, then this is the best option. You can view up to 4 results of varying compression ratios to determine the most suitable quality to file size ratio. Save for web also strips the EXIF data automatically, which helps to reduce sizes further still, so if you want your EXIF to remain with your image file, then don't use it.

Save as, will also enable you to reduce file size/quality by increasing compression. You will have to decide what your images look like after you have chosen and whether or not they are acceptable to you. Whereas with Save for web, you can see a preview of the image as it will be saved.

So, if file size is an issue, then continue to use Save for web. But if not and you would like to retain the EXIF, then use Save as.

If you are saving an image for printing, then use save as, as file size is not so important to reduce, in fact you don't want to ! But always keep a copy of the original image, on your hard drive, burned to DVD/CD (a couple of copies at least) and preferably on an additional hard drive too.
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