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Default Not getting it, matching ICC profiles.

I should probably just leave things alone but I can't. I tried to figure it out once before and just gave up.

Ok, lets start with the monitor. Late 2008 iMac OSX 10.9.5, calibrated.

Next is the processing software. Apple Aperture 3. I use Pro Photo RGB color space to process in.

My printer is a HP Photosmart c8180.

In aperture I select file/print a dialog window opens giving me rendering options. I never hear of any of them.

Knowing that printers work with CMYK and monitors work with RGB I figured the (printer managed) option would be the choice?

So with this option selected I send it to the printer.

Then the printer dialog window opens.

Navigating to the color matching option. There are ColorSync and Vendor Matching options. When choosing the ColorSync option there's the (OtherProfiles) window to choose from.

Now here's where things get confusing.

Working in the ProPhotoRGB color space in Aperture, I would figure that choosing ColorSync/Other Profiles/ProPhotoRGB option along with correct paper type would give me the best results.

No! It doesn't!

Aperture/print/printer managed does not work with the printers ColorSync option. I tried some of the other color profiles options from the Aperture print dialog window and any of them looked better with the ColorSync option.


Aperture/print dialog window opens printer managed/print

Printer dialog window opens.

Selecting Color Matching/Vendor Matching along with the correct paper type gives acceptable results. I just have no idea what goes on with this Vendor Matching selection.

Im not sure if my printer is working in the ProPhoto RGB color space, or if it has been dummied down to sRGB with the printer managed / Vendor Matching option.

Still with me? If you are, do you know what color space my printer is using with the Vendor Matching option?

Thank You for any help
Canon S95
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