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Default Suggestions for R2000 refilling

I'm going to be buying an Epson R2000 soon to replace my R1800. I don't do enough printing to justify a CISS, so I plan to refill on my own. With my R1800, I first tried refillables, which proved unsatisfactory, moved to a CISS, which worked wonderfully when it did work, then went to refilling Epson OEMs, which seemed to give the most consistent results. The main problems I encountered with the refillables and CISS were what most people refer to as "clogs", but I have come to the conclusion that the problem wasn't really "clogs", but rather that ink was flowing onto the printhead as a result of poor venting and blocking the nozzles from expelling their ink onto the paper. I came to this conclusion after trying refillables again (from two different suppliers) and noticing that when I moved my printhead out of the way to clean the parking pads, I wound up with puddles of ink that dripped out of the printhead and onto the sponge under the paper path. I replaced the wiper and things cleared up for a while when I used refilled OEM carts, but the problem "clogs" instantly returned when I switched back to the "China carts".

Does anyone have suggestions for refilling, or refillable, cartridges for the R2000? Right now I'm looking at a set with ARC chips from InkOwl.com:

http://www.inkowl.com/?S=25&B=3&product=6316&p=product ($38.95)

or the RATF (Reset All To Full) set from Inkjetcarts.us:

http://store.inkjetcarts.us/epson-r2...tem-p6346.aspx ($65.95).

I also have a lot of bulk ink from my R1800 refilling days and was wondering whether it would be compatible with the R2000. I see that the R2000 has orange instead of the R1800 Blue, but still uses the CMY, Matte and Photo Black, as well as Red and GLOP, the same as the R1800. I realize that the R2000 uses the Ultrachrome Hi-Gloss 2 inkset, but since I will be profiling anyway, would it hurt to use the R1800 inks along with only orange bulk ink for the R2000.
Thank you in advance.
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