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does anyone have a good mthod of matching their printer qith photoshop and monitos.photo ahot matches the original scene beautiful but im going crazy making adjustments to the printer? :?
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M' man, there are a lot of free tutorials out there dealing with matching your printer output to what you see on your monitor. Just calibrating your monitor might go a ways towards that end. Try using the Adobe Gamma utility that comes with Photoshop.

There is a pretty simple "cheat" where you make a good print on quality paper and then adjust your monitor to look like the print! I've done this before and it works pretty well in giving you a reasonable agreement between what you see on the screen and what you get out of the printer. One downside to this is that you have to adjust your monitor settings every time you want to print something. You can probably save those settings as a custom preset, but it's still extra bother. Another problem is that if you do all of your editing under that custom setting, the chances are that the only place your pix will be accurately outputed is your own printer! Photos that you post or e-mail to others will likely not look the way you want them to on other people's hardware. The same problem will exist if you want to get some prints made online or at a local photo printer. That's why it's better to edit with a properly calibrated monitor and then only use your special monitor settings on a duplicate photo that you intend to print on your printer.

Also, your custom setting will only work for the ink/paper combination that you used to print your reference print.

That is a simple method, but like most simple methods, it's usfulness is highly limited.

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