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I recently took some pics at my brother's wedding with my mom's point-and-shoot. I tried some post-processing to save some of the worse pictures.

When I had them printed, the first store I took them to was one of those Kodak qiosks with the printer inside. The colors came out ok, but they looked a little "blotty", not real sharp.

Then I took them to the store I usually do my pictures that also uses a qiosk but the pictures go through the main chemical machine.The colors were horrible. The yellow hue is off and they are too bright. Is there anything I can do to compensate for this? I know the guy who manages the photo lab since I used to work at that store, and I was going to ask if he would have an ICC profile for the printer. Is that maybe a possibility?

Then I talked to another photo lab guy tonight, and he said sometimes the person who processes the pictures will manually brighten them. He also said that the hues may be off if the machine hasn't been emulcified (?) recently.

Anyway, here's the before and after of a picture. I had both versions printed out.

Scans of the prints

I might just have to try more stores until I get some nice prints. I'd really like to find a local solution because I like the instant (or one hour) feedback. Thanks for any advice

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Hi Flatland2d,

It is really hard for you to get good prints from a store lab unless you process and size exactly what you want yourself, put it on a CD or DVD and then bring it print ready to them.. Even then you need to find a lab that services their equipment at start-up every day and has an operator that likes their job enough to care what they are doing. I'm really lucky where I live in Daytona because We have a great lab right at Sam's club. I get my photographs ready and they print them just like I want them. I take them there if I have two or three hundred wedding photo's that need printing. Small portrait jobs I print myself at home.

Here is your picture as I would print it. I sized it 5 X 7 at 300 dpi for printing.

I had to scale itwaydown to send it to this forum to 5 X 7 at 72dpi and medium resolution. It is a very nice capture of the bride and groom. Her dress is very nice.

Attached Images
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Thanks for your help, Ronnie.

I did have all the prints sized at 4x6/300dpi before printing. I'm going to shop around more at different places and compare these two pics. I'm also going to go back to Store #2 and talk to the guy there because I'm pretty sure he knows his stuff and I've had great results from there before.
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