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I am using the Datcolor Spectrocolorimter Model 1005 to make a printer profile using Spyder3 profiling software.

Until the other day, I was able to make good profiles. Now when I try to make a profile, it comes out to dark and to heavy on the tan side for peoples faces. I even used a target print, that made good profile a few weeks back, to read the patches in case I made an error printing the new target print. Same thing happened: to dark and to tan. So new target profiled just like the previous target. Therefore the targets are okay. When I use a previouly made profile, the prints come out really good, so printer works okay.

The software was deleted, computer rebooted to do its cleanup, etc. and software reinstalled (just in case the software got corrupted or something). Re-read patches again and profile made was same thing: to dark and to tan.

Any ideas?

To me this appears to be a bad colorimeter. I called the manufacturer (e-mailed as no personal phone support with an engineer) and they still don't think it is the colorimeter.

Am at loss to get things working properly.

Thank you,


Added note: Just tried to make a print from the previous "bad" profile and this time it printed fine. I did not change any printer settings, QImage settings, etc.

Why this time did it print okay?

Added note 2: On another forum it was suggested that maybe there was a head clog causing the problem. Maybe. But this is a dye printer and I thought that dye printers did not clog. My Canon i960 dye printer would print correctly even after not printing for 4 - 6 weeks. This Epson 1400 printer had just printed correctly two weeks before. Should a two week layoff cause a clogin this dye ink printer?

Added note 3 (3/5/08):
David (the software designer) at Datacolor e-mailed me back and checked my .xml files. Said the first one was corrupt, the second had the black patch inaccurate and the last one (which I could not make a good print) was really a good file and should have made a good profile.
I went back and reprinted my picture with this (3rd) profile and guess what, the file printed perfectly. Why when I printed with this profile the other day it made bad prints. I did nothing else in QImage or the printer for this. Did same thing as before. The only thing that I can think of is that I did not print for 2 weeks and maybe the print head had a little clog. The 1400 is a dye ink printer and I have not heard of a dye printer clogging in such a short time. Is the 1400 going to be bad in this way? Have you heard anything about this clogging in a dye printer? Epson?
So I guess I will have to do a nozzle check just like the pigment printers have to do.
Tried a couple of prints the next day after doing a good print and it still makes a good print.
What do you think?
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