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Default Printing questions

If I want to print some pictures, where should I go, or what online retailer shall I use. Also, what steps do I take to print Y x Z sized photo meaning 5x7 or 10x13 or 20x16 or bigger and or smaller. RIght now the software I'm using is photoscape, I noticed in the crop they have some pre-set setting such as 5x7 ect... are these the crop setting I should use for certain print and or a bigger print? If I want more of my image in the photo do I need to resize smaller and then crop to the size I want to print? I tried to look for a sticky on the basics for having prints made but to no avail, I posted some pictures in the people pictures forums entitled "playground", what would it take to print those images if I originally took those pictures in the finest quality Jpeg from the T2i. The posts are cropped and resized but I still have the originals and I 'd like to start making some albums or at least giving my daughter some pictures to make her own album/journal. Thanks again, this forum has helped me out in so many ways already and I really am enjoying this new aspect of photography as a new hobby and really in life in general.
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Leave your images at the maximum size that you find them. Crop them to the aspect ratio that you want them to be, without in anyway reducing the actual x,y amount of pixels (except of course that some of the image is lost by cropping). Simply tell the service bureau the actual size that you desire for each image printout.

If possible, give the service bureau a small printout for the purpose of showing them how the colors should look. This is a big problem, since the images may look different on their monitor as opposed to your monitor.

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