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Default Printed photo is cropped. How do I print the entire image?

I just upgraded from the Kodak Z740 to the Kodak Z1012. Printing 6 x 4 photos with the z740 was quite easy. The photo looks the same on paper as it does on the pc. However, when I print a photo taken with the Z1012, the image is cropped. I have tried the crop feature in Photoshop 7, Paintshop Pro X2, and even in the Kodak easyshare software (I also have Lightroom and am still figuring it out). It still cuts off the image. This is a close up shot of a mother and her newborn, taking up the entire frame so I really don't wish to loose any part of the image. Am I just doing something wrong? Is it inevitable that this WILL happen. Do I need to add space in my frame for cropping? Could this process please be explained in layman terms?

Also, in both PSPX2 and Lightroom, there is no print feature for just printing ONE 6 x 4. I end up having to use Kodak Easyshare software to print one 6 x 4 photo. I don't understand that either. There just isn't any templates for it.

Thank you all in advance for your help. I am pc literate, and do understand the different sw that I have, I just can't seem to figure this printing out.
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Originally Posted by Rosy View Post
...This is a close up shot of a mother and her newborn, taking up the entire frame so I really don't wish to loose any part of the image. ...
Almost without a doubt, your words "taking up the entire frame" summarize your self-created problem. But the pic doesn't show so it's just a guess.
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I had a cropping problem when printing my own photos at home before I realised there was a 'crop to frame' and a 'fit to frame' option in my photo printing software. If I need to have photos printed at a photo kiosk my graphics program has a setting which allows me to choose where the crop is made. My camera takes 5" x 7" format photos, not 6" x 4" format (so I was told). I know it is a 'squarer' rectangle than the 6" x 4" rectangle.


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Part of the problem could be that, when printing borderless prints, there is some expansion done within the printer driver in order to assure there is no white line around the print. In your printer driver dialog window, there should be a place to turn down the expansion, or turn off the borderless printing feature entirely. This will leave a white border, but will print the entire photo. (Assuming the aspect ratio is the same as the paper)
If the aspect ratio of the photo is not the same as the paper, you will need to crop in order to fit, or adjust your print settings to fit the short side of the photo to the paper.

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