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Default Top quality printers

Top quality printers

Can anyone tell me what is the best printer I can get with good quality photo prints, as this should be the best time of the year to buy one? With most products being reduced in price and also the best place find one
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You don't specify how much money you are willing to spend. That will make a huge difference. You also don't specify what size of prints you want to make or if archival quality prints are necessary.

Without that info, it will be much harder to help (I'm no expert either way, so I'm not sure I can help you.... but your question as stated won't get much in the way of answers (and hasn't.)

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You might like to check out PC World - they've been selling off old stock - I've just bought a Canon S9000 (A3) printer for 199 - still over 300 at most other places - It has been superceeded by the i9100 but it's still an absolutely superb printer.
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"good quality photo prints" - Just about any photo printer on the market will give you this these days. Do you want a card reader? What sizes do you want to print? Do you want to print on CDs? Do you think you'll ever want to print without a computer? Do you want it to be portable?
If you are only interested in 4X6 - consider a Dye-Sub printer - they will give you great quality for a good price for 4X6's - unless you are willing to spend much more - I'd go with an ink jet.
For 4x6's, 5x7's and 8x10's, look at the epson r300, the cannon i960 or one of the latest HP printers and you can't really go wrong. If you want to printer larger than this - then you have too look at yet another class of printers. Specify your requirements then we can more easily help.
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For printing photo's, I used a Canon i950 and can't fault it. My prints are fantastic (if I say so myself).

I use 8 x 10 sheets and either print full size, or 4 to a sheet. I also use the software 'proofs' mode and cut the prints into long strips to give to friends as book marks.
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