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Default Walmart digital prints

I went to walmart today to get some prints of some pictures I took while I was in Germany for my grandparents. Well I took along 10 pictures, got nine 4x6s and one 8x10.

(BTW I had 4 megapixel pictures)

the 4x6s turned out pretty nice, there were a few minor problems (like some discolorations that I know were not in the original), but nothing that bad.

I printed my 8x10 and the qualilty is HORRIBLE, nothing else to explain it. It almost looked like it was doing 256 colors, not 16 million (or whatever it is meant to do).
I can't understand it, my camera has a ton more quality than that 8x10. I believe what happened was the digital printer thing at walmart reduced my picture to have the right number of pixels for a 4x6, then bloated it back up to a 8x10. So it looks like a 1 megapixel camera doing a 8x10.

So it just ripped quality right out of my picture.

Needless to say it was a complete waste of $4. I can only stand looking at it from a few feet away.

So I am posting this to see if anyone can confirm me idea of their shrinking and then bloating the picture. ANd also if there is some way to solve my problem (did I pick some wrong setting at the digital print place). And if there are any other printing places in big stores like Walmart that offer good quality prints. Or some online place that you (and many others) have had good experinaces with.
Also, I am a newbie at digital printing, so I might have easily missed something...

BTW, the digital printer thing at walmart was Kodak.

Thanks a lot (I hope this is the right forum)
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Well I double checked my original image on the computer, and I must have done something odd in photoshop (I must have jacked up the levels way too high or something like that) but to a certian degree the low quality was in the original picture. But the print is still lower qualitly than the one on the computer
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I've had good luck with Walmart and my digital prints, but I don't use that Kodak machine. I think I know which one you are talking about. The one I go to also has the Fuji self-serve kiosk. I burn all my images to CD at home, take the CD's inand download them myself at the kiosk. I've pretty much corrected everything by then through Capture One (RAW capturewith theDigital Rebel) and created the high quality JPEG files.

Once in the kiosk I then go over each image and make sure they look like what I want since I'm suremy monitor at home is profiled differently. TheFuji machine gives you the option of cropping and color correcting images as you view them to get exactly what you want. The resulting matte prints have always been excellent, and if you order more than 50 4x6 printsat one time (which I usually do)they are .20 each.
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I know what you mean, I work at wal mart and have used both machines the matte finish from the fuji/wal mart kios machines is amazing.
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In a recent issue of Peterson's Photographic, there was an add for an online printing company called Mpix (www.mpix.com). I did some looking around on their site, so Ithought I would try them out just to see what came out. Ihad been trying to find a good lab tomake prints from a wedding I shot inJune.

Wow! I am highly impressed. My prints look exactly like they did on screen and are printed on the professional Kodak Endura paper. And these were not even edited images! And now since they have dropped the prices on their 4x6 to 29 cents. My i9100 may not be getting quite the workout it was getting; I will probably use it when I have less than 15 or 20 to print. And goodbye to Walgreens and Walmart!! Mpix accepts JPEGs or TIFFs. They charge a flat $4.95 for USPS and $9.75 for Airborne DHL second day delivery (USA rates).

Come to find out that Mpix is a division of Millers Lab, which is the same lab the studio where my family has had pictures taken sends their film!!! And they are based only 2 hours away (in Pittsburg, Kansas; a little town in the southeast corner not too far from the Missouri border is where they process film; their digital lab is in Columbia, Missouri) from me so I get my order in a day or two even when ordering my USPS!!! How great is that!!!


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