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Default Confession about third party ink and paper

I've been trying the MIS Associates ink for my epson 1290. Together with this i have used ilford paper and tetenal paper and the MonacoEZcolor. I've had this for quite some time now and at first I was thrilled by it. It worked great. I thought.

And it DID work great, on some pictures. But after a while you begin to notice problems.

The conclusion is, even though you use tetenals 290 fine art glossy paper, monacoEZcolor 2.5 and numerous hours trying to fine tune the profiles. It doesn't come close to orignal ink and epsons own Premium Glossy Photo Paper.


The monacoEZcolor kinda sucks, stinks and so on. The created profiles does not give total black output so you'll lose dynamics. Some colors are quite off, such as blue, this is (i guess) because of extreme limitations in the scanning technique. Some of the light goes through the paper and back again, therefor tricking the scanner. The colors are more "correct" when using the profiles when you have light behind the paper too. The scanner i use is the Epson perfection 3200. So it is unlikely a scanner problem in that way.

The mis associates ink have fade issues. The fading goes on for about 2 weeks before it stabilizes. Lighter ares are ok, but shadows and darker areas are hopelessly lost.

So, i gave up the third party ink. I'll use it again if i'm gonna do alot of printing on regular ink jet paper that does not demand the highest quality.

Using Premium Glossy Photo paper gives really really good output. The best possible using this printer i believe. the tetenal paper is good, no doubt about it. Whiter and brighter than the PGPP. However the printer is not calibrated for this paper, unfortunatly. It has some strange color issues, especially in shadows that become red. i have tried the icc-profiles on tetenal homepage, but those arent the best profiles, some colors seem faded, and b&w are off.

So, after months of trying to get the third party ink working with the monacoEZcolor. I give up.

Epson original all the way is the only way.

Too bad that i spent a small fortune on the continous ink flow system and the monacoEZcolor. Anyone want to buy my monacoEZcolor, leave a message.
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