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Default quality problem - printing

recently i brought some pictures to get printed at a local photo print shop. they claim to print digital pictures.
however, when i saw the final print. i was surpriised. the pictures came out BAD , very bad quality. i don't understand what the problem might have been.

i edited the pictures in photoshop. cleaned it up. stored them in a cd and brought it to the photo processing center.

does anyone know how i can get better prints through the photo processing establishment?

- my camera, canon A60 2mp. set it to superquality and large size.
is it the resolution of my camera that's causing this?
- the edited pictures were large but i asked them to print it in 4x6. i figured its a small size. the quality should be great!...NOT!

thanks for your help in advance.

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First off your camera should be able to produce pictures that are fine at 4x6 .. (4x6 at 300ppi is 2MP good/great pictures can be had without problems at anything over 200ppi).

Now what are the problems with the pictures:
Colors ... Make sure in photoshop you are saving in the correct color space (AdobeRGB)

Picture problems...

Distortion .. It is always better to make your pictures 4x6 before getting them printed. You decide what to crop not some minimum wage flunky.

Pixelated .. Make sure you are saving at a high resolution
1200x800 is at the low end and 1800x1200 is at the better size. Just to be sure go in and reset the dpi value to 300dpi (but do not resample the image). If you need to scale up use the 10% trick (upscale at 10% increments multiple times until you reach the size you want). Remember the screen you are looking at has about 1/3 the resolution of a print. So large on the screen is not large for a print.


Save in TIFF or JPG (95% Quality).

Try these and try some different profiles (Make up your own test prints) to see if you can match the store printer.
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