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ok, i went to kinkos today, to see prices, and wat's involved in enlarging one of my photos...

well, it's 6 or 10 dollars a square foot..

and, i only have a 4mp camera...so i would think it would need to be interpolated...

do they do that there, or would i do that? would it be better if i did it myself anyway?

wat sizes are there (lol, here's were my lack of film experience comes in...i don't know print sizes..lol)

wat's the next step up from 13x19?

oh yeah...i could print a pano too right? would that cost as much as a normal ratio for the long side, or the size of the print itself? if i did a pano, it wouldn't need to be enlarged as much, because of the stitching...i have the pano (resized of course) posted in landscapes...."Above the Clouds"

also...if you have an opinion of which photo i should print...i have a bunch in landscapes...some in close ups...i haven't decided yet...i'm leaning towards the pano right now...

thanks a ton!


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