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In another thread, I found that a 4x6 should be 2048x1365 (or very close to that) - what sizes should I be using to print other photo sizes, such as 5x7 or 8x10? How is this calculated?

I tried figuring this out - 600dpi x 6inches and 600dpi x 4 inches = 3600x2400. I see that if I resize a test image from 2048x1365 (keeping aspect ratio locked), it comes out to 3600x2399, so I may be on to something.

Based on this, is it safe to say that a 5x7 should be 4200x3000 (or 3500x2500, etc)?

Curious where the 2048x1365 number comes from...

I normally edit with Paint Shop Pro 5,then print with the HP software that came with my printer. I love the way the HP software lets you select multiple sized pics on the same page, and it will let you move the picture around to center it on the print, but I would rather be able to have the image fit exactly in the print size.

I have read that Photoshop has a "crop to fixed ratio" or something like that - does anyone know if PSP5 can do this, or do I need to start saving up for Photoshop?

I have a couple of images that I scanned at 600dpi - they came out to 4776x3256 - I'm lost as to how to be able to print them in a standard image size....

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You can print a picture of any pixel dimensions at whatever size you want to, and you wil obtain a DPIin the print based on the number of pixels and size you printed accordingly. There is no "right" printed resolution... just whatever looks good to your eye, though most peoplelike to have 200 DPI minimum in photos.
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It appears you have a 3Mp camera. To print a 4 X 6 you want to crop from the 4:3 ratio of the picture your camera takes to the 3:2 ratio of a 4 X 6. You want to just crop off the extra pixels you don't need and keep the rest. You will end up with at least as many pixels as your printer needs to print at best quality.

As long as you don't change the aspect ratio and distort the picture you can screw around with pixel numbers forever and never get the right ratio – the picture actually has to be cropped. This is a 4 X 6 cropped from a 4:3 ratio picture:

If you don't have sophisticated editing software like Photoshop you will need some software that will crop to predetermined ratios. This is free and does a nice job: http://ekot.dk/programmer/JPEGCrops/

I don't resample until the resolution gets below about 150 PPI. Use a good resample filter like the Lanczos filter in the free Irfanview. I use more sophisticated stuff for a resample, but the Lanczos filter in Irfanview is simple and effective. You can't crop to a pre-determined ratio in Irfanview though.

For scanning go to the advanced driver and set up for the size output you want in inches (4 X 6) and 300 PPI. The crop will be constrained to that ratio in the preview window. Some older Epsons and HPs just had toy drivers, but most other brands have an advanced driver.

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Pity toyguy you dont have a Canon printer. The EasyPrint software that comes with them handles all.

You dont need to worry about pixels & resolutions formost print sizes. The more the better. One can select paper size, image size, and trim/crop as you want.

1, 2, 4, or many more per A4 page.

Just be aware, as others have said the pixels of imagedivided by inches of printshould equal 200 dpi or more.
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Try Qimage.:arrow:
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