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Default Printer for G2: Canon 900 vs Canon S830D

I have a Canon G2 camera and plan to buy a photoprinter. I am probably going to get either the Canon 900 or the S830D. As far as I can tell from the reviews the print quality is similar, the 900 is faster and the 830 supports printing directly from the camera. I have not seen any comments as to whether the 830D support of Exif 2.2 does actually improve print quality from cameras (such as the G2) that support that standard.

Anyone have any thoughts?

Also, are printhead clogging problems worse with the 900 than the 830 since there are more apertures in the 900 printhead?
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Default photo printer

I have the S9000 and the G2. I started with the S830, and liked it at first, but it started printing very inconsistent. I'm not sure what happened but I sent it back and got the 9000. I compared some of my first prints with the 830D to the 9000 and they were identical. Also, the easy photo program I liked until I started hearing about profiling with the Qimage program. I downloaded the trial version and was blown away by the quality of print right away without even knowing what I was doing or understanding profiles and how they work. Once you get started using this, you will never go back to using any of the printing software that came with the G2 camera or the canon printer. Theres alot to learn and you have to be very patient and willing to spend alot of time. I have now ordered the profile prism tool to create my own profiles. There is a site where you can download profiles for the S900/S9000 printers, but you also need a profile for your camera to get the best results. Hope this helps.
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