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I've been using a digital camera on and off for two years now, and I'm finally starting to feel the need to have more control over what goes on with the process of taking a photo.
To that end I've been forced to actually read the manual a few times ( :lol in order to find my way through the appropriate menus to get the stupid thing to do what I want.:?

I'm thinking along the lines of trying out some digital film speed tests, to see what the differences are when I set the film speed of the ccd manually.
I'm also thinking of trying some digital B&W photography, with a end to finding the best way to get the best B&W prints possible. I use an Epson 2200 for my printing.

If anyone has some good links to discussions of B&W digital photography, I'd appreciate them.

I'm also curious to know if anyone has seen any good discussions comparing B&W silver prints to the best ink jet prints. The big thing some years ago was the amount of silver in the photo paper, the argument being that more was better. This makes me wonder if the metallized dyes in the Epson 2200 could at least approach the quality of a good silver print.

I'd be interested to hear from people who have seen both types of prints side by side on display somewhere, and what their opinions are of the differences in quality. It seems pretty obvious to me that since regular colour prints are made of dyes, as are inkjet colour prints, it's a tossup as to which are superior, at least to the naked eye. But with B&W prints this is not the case, and I'd like some first hand impressions on the qualities of both sides of the medium. :idea:
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I'll try to give some answers

A good link is for digital B&W is http://groups.yahoo.com/group/Digita...WhiteThePrint/

The 2200 uses pigment based inks not dyes.
This makes me wonder if the metallized dyes in the Epson 2200 could at least approach the quality of a good silver print
A RIP is usually the way to go for getting good B&W out of the printer. Check qimage, I believe it can do quite well too.

IMHO: The best way to get Digital B&W is to get something like the relatively cheep epson r300 and dedicate it to B&W using the quadblack inkset from http://www.mediastreet.com/cgi-bin/t.../quadblack.tam

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