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I've been getting B+W prints from both my own home printer (Epson R800) and a Fuji printing service in town. Both prints look OK on their own but placed side by side the Fuji printed image comes out with a green cast or hue to it while the Epson home printed one looks slightly magenta (reddish?) in colour. As far as I know the Epson print was made with the Epson ICM turned off - though I can't be entirely sure of that.

Would I be better off re-trying the print at home with magenta colouring lowered in the advanced driver menu?

The final print will be displayed alongside other peoples photographs, some of which will be professionally hand printed Black & Whites. Any colour cast will be readily apparent in mine by comparison so I would like to get this right.

Any suggestions would be welcome!

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I missed this post earlier. Pardon the belated reply. One thing you might try is to use the 'black ink only' setting in your printer driver. This will certainly eliminate color cast, but the resolution may not be as good as you need. It will give you a comparison for color cast.

B/W printing with CMY inks can be frustrating because of paper compatibility as well as computer to printer color management. One solution is to deliberately give the picture a tint.

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I think you'll have your work cut with the R800 out if they're going to sit side-by-side to real B&W prints.

The best you can do is to use a fully colour-managed workflow. That means getting custom printer/paper/ink profiles made up. At least then you'll be getting the truest greys your printer can output.

I've also got an R800 and all my monochrome prints have a cast depending on which light they're viewed under (this is called metamerism). It's just down to the fact that the greys are conjured from the colour inks.

I'm actully selling my R800 now as I've got an HP 8750. One of the main reasons I've gone for the HP is it's dedicated grey cartridge for some of the most neutral b&w you can get (though accurate paper profiles are still essential).
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Thanks for the answers guys,

I was able to produce relatively ok B&W's through the monochrome option in the printer driver. I also got better results through using the colour inks and leaving the print with a slight blue cast giving the print a neutral-cool look to it. It was not a B&W in the true sense of the phrase but I think it was the best compromise in the end.

Anyone have experience with the MIS inks that swap the colour cartridges for 4 grey inks in the Epson C86 printer? I was tempted by the thought of it, but given the amount of B&W prints I produce I wonder whether it is really worth it.
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