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Hi, i recentely purchased a Canon iP4000 and I'm generally happy with it but I am concerned over the print quality on some photos.

I have printed about 10 pictures on A4 glossy photograph paper (both on kodak and Epson photo paper) and about 30 pictures on 6x4 paper (both canon and kodak) and these have all came out fine. I touch them up in Photoshop CS2, resize if needed and then go to File>Print in Photoshop, select the correct paper and quality I want and hit Print.

These have came out fine but my friend has given me 3 pictures and 2 of them have came out pretty bad. There is a man in one of the photos and his hair and glasses are all blurry when I print them out on my printer. The strange thing is, the photo does not look blurry on his face when viewing it on my monitor.

I have stuck the photo onto a CD-R and viewed it on my TV and it looks great, I have also set it as my desktop wallpaper and this looks great too. Its when I print it on my Canon printer that the face is blurry. Even more strange is I got my friend to print the exact same picture on his Epson C20 on the same photo graphic paper and although the colour is bad on the print out, the mans face looks fine.

Why does this picture look blurry on my printer but not on my friends? It looks lovely on the TV and on the monitor.

I have cleaned the print heads, done deep cleaning and printed a nozzle check pattern, all looks fine. I am using the Canon printer drivers that came with the CD but I am not using the Canon Easy Photo Print software which I have installed... Im using the default printing window that you see when you go to File>Print. Could this be why its printing bad?

Like I said, I print photos all the time, and these are the only photos that look blurry.

I have uploaded the picture onto my webspace http://homepage.ntlworld.com/stephanie.mirza/Man.jpg , the file I am using to print with is a PSD but I have saved this as a JPEG quality 12(highest quality) to show you.

Thanks for any help
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