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Using the following setup.

Epson 2100

Epson Genuine and some Black Diamond Compatible Cartridges.

Epson Premium Semi Gloss Paper.

Setup driver to use above paper and everything else Automatic and all I get is Magenta.

And no it's not the cartridges, if I use PowerRip 2000 the colours are bang on but like I've said to Epson I don't want to have to purchase expensive third party software.

Has anyone else found that when using none standard cartridges problems occur while using the Epson Driver but other third party drivers like the RIP software work fine. Makes me think Epson may have put some interesting code in their driver to 'b a l l s' things up if you don't use their cartridges. Just a thought and only my opinion mind.

Please help, I'm going nuts over this.



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I've just installed all genuine Epson Cartridges and made a print with no adjustment to colours what so ever and it was near perfect.

Funny how the Epson driver starts working properly now even though the PowerRip 2000 driver worked fine regardless of what cartridges were installed.

All I can say is that if you're using third party cartridges and having problems then just try genuine Epson and see for your self.

I'll be moving to a CIS system soon as the Epson Cartridges are way too expensive for regular use.

Epson should drop the price if they want to keep loyal customers, the 2100 eat's ink like it's going out of fashion and when the driver say's the cartridge is empty there's load's left but you can't use it.

Other than that the 2100 is a fabulous printer.
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