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First of all the questions/comments about qimage vs Pshop printer output.

I've notice over the years that there is a substantial difference in output between
Adobe Photoshop and Qimage.

Now to explain. Both softwares are set identicaly to the same Monitor and printer
output ICM/ICC's .

Qimage's output is right on the mark for both resolution and colour accuracy.

Photoshop (ex. 6.0 or later)'s output is always quite a bit more dark in the
sense that the saturation and brightness is more dense. Ex either in calculated or perceptual modes the cyan/blue (aqua marine blue) on the monitor and print preview is accurate, however the actual printout colour is odd, being more saturated/darker, however the intensity is also off.

I've tweaked the icm's manualy, and there is always one of the colours that is off, as if only 3 of 4 colours are tweakable for photoshop.

The problem i've seen is mostly with computer generated art. Such as drawings, artwork, pages made with coreldraw, e.t.c.

Directly printed via Photoshop never yields what i seen on the screen, with or without
icc tagged files.

However Qimage reads photoshop psd & jpg files perfecty.

Digican and flatbed scanner pictures colours do come out fairly well and better than
computer generated art. However the colours are still a bit dark and require me to
tweak the colour intensity in pshop to match qimage's accuacy in output.

Any ideas?

Now for my ICC/ICM software questions

Q2: Would there be any ICC/ICM calibration software that has a multiple output per page testing

Ex. Having a mosaic of about 8 pictures per page each with a different pre-determined & different ICC/ICM for each picture (labeled of course).

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