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What is the recommended size I can printa photo at ?

I know the more dpi, the less of a size the photo can be without looking blurry.

Can I print this on an 8x10? I did print out a print on printer's normal DPI (HP 932C) but before I print out on photo quality paper and higher dpi what is the largest I can print. I don't print most of my photos, just a few, which is why I haven't seen any reason to go above 3.2MP, since I just view most of my photos on screen.

I realize I can't upload the full resolution photo (1,110kb) so I'll upload a smaller version.

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If that's a full frame (not cropped) from a 3mp camera, you should be fine to print to 8x10. Doubtful it will go much bigger, though.
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Yes Piney, thats a very nice sharp picture. But it is difficult to advise of maximun print size from a lower resolution screen image.

You imply it is from a 3mp image, and as Smit says it should print 8 x 10 alright. I've printed 8x10 from 2 & 3mp images with excellent results using a Canon printer and photo quality paper.

The best way to figure about maximum print size is to calculate from your image pixels with a selected dpi.

That is: the recommended dpi for satisfactory prints is 200 or more.
And so take the pixel width & divide by say 200 = image width inches.

So from the 3mp image thats about 2000 pixels wide, it will print 10" wide OK.

The moral is to ALWAYS use the highest resolution & least compression in the camera, because you never know when you may get a special image like you posted, that you could want to print big!.. The more pixels the better..

Many people dont do this because of limited memory card storage. Big mistake for the reasons mentioned. Take & save the image at the best quality. It's easy to reduce the image for emailing & screen viewing, but you cant get the pixels back for a good big print.

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I've printed 3.1mpimages that had 180 ppi at 8x12 and got decent results. I did use SI interpolation to help reduce pixelation. SI interpolation is basically doing the bicubic resampling upwards in 5% imcrements.

If your printer prints at 600dpi (HP & canon printers) you'll need to resamle a 8x10 or 8x12 image about 21 times (unless you have a software script to do it for you) to get the 180 ppi image to print at 600dpi for best results. You could just send the 8x10 image to the printer and let it upsample to it's native resolution but if you do the SI interpolation it would probably make the image look a little better than if you didn't.

For PPI calculations you can use my easy and free online calculator at http://www.mattspinelli.com/ppicalc.html

Here is the results from the program if your image is exactly 3.2 mpsand a 4:3 (1.333) aspect ratio:

PPI for the following sizes:

4 x 6 = 344.17
5 x 7 = 295
6 x 8 = 258.13
6 x 9 = 229.44
8 x 10 = 193.63
8.5 x 11 = 182.24
8 x 12 = 172.08
10 x 13 = 154.9
10 x 15 = 137.67
11 x 14 = 140.82
12 x 16 = 129.06
16 x 20 = 96.81
16 x 24 = 86.04
18 x 24 = 86.04
20 x 30 = 68.83
24 x 36 = 57.36
30 x 40 = 51.63

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