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I have just purchased a Canon ip4200 and I using the 'free' paper the came with the machine. When I print black and white I am getting a colour cast. I cannot see a way to use black ink only as I did on my Epson. I also notice that on landscape the greens are lost in the browns of autumn colours. I am sure there will be a tweak in the colour setting but I am sruggling to find it.
I would be grateful for any help.

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I have the ip5000 I can appreciate there may will be differences in the monitors window,
with the 5000, I can simply click 'Greyscale' in the window to print b&w.

I have read the same problem but referred to the ip4000/5000 quite a long way back in this NG that the odd new printer does do this but is rectified with new cartridges, it was also noted that some produced greyish text when in the draft mode, this again was ink related and corrected when a new tank was fitted.

Depending on the type of photo, if there is a colour box marked Manual Auto, click manual, click set and see if the ICM box is ticked, if so untick it and adjust the colour intensity to +10

This is for the ip5000, worth a check to see if the ip4200 has the same facilities, I can mark this setting as a profile and give it a name so that I can just click the name and it's all set up to that profile.

Not having a ip4200 I can't say if the facilities are the same.

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This printer uses all colors to print black unless you are using plain paper and printing text when it uses the larger black cartridge. There is no way to print a photo, in B and W like the Epson did. I just went from Epson to this Canon.
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