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I know this is subjective, however what is the combined wisdom on the best printer that can print up to A4 size prints. I can live with slow speed, I want prints that will last. Key criteria is the best print quality. Cost is secondary.

Also - from my small amount of research - canon seem to be bringing out some 9xxx pro printers - worth the wait ? if so any idea when they are out (UK).

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To dambox,

When you say BEST printer----best is a really vague term.

You could talk speedy--but you ruled that out.

You could talk economical--so you can do more printing for the same money
particularly if you are willing to use third party non -oem cartridges
or just refill your own cartridges.-----here is where Canon's shine.

You could talk most versatile in that the printer is good at text and also good at

You could talk about reliable, long lasting, and almost maintaince free. In that area Epsons seem worse with frequent head clogging problems.

You could talk about which printers produce output that is most resistant to fading
over time. Here there is a tradeoff---Some Epsons uses a pigment based ink that is more resistant to fading---but a dye based ink has more vibrant colors. And your paper choice is often as important as the ink

But depending on who you talk to you get slightly different answers and tradeoffs.--depending on what comprimises you are willing to make.

In terms of the Canon 9xxx series----see press release about the Pro 9500 just two threads below yours.
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I think we should all not buy anything else untill 2120...think how much better everything will be then!! :blah:
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I think we might all be wasting out time printing at home.It's quite expensive when compared to walking down the road and handing over my card to the nearest drugstore.

style="BACKGROUND-COLOR: #000000"I was also reading on http://www.digital-photography-tips....-printing.htmlabout this. They make a good point there about comparing the quality of printerss at home with photo processors. Heres a quote from the site:

style="BACKGROUND-COLOR: #000000""their printers cost £000s - yours probably doesn't!"

style="BACKGROUND-COLOR: #000000"Sems like a fair point to me!

style="BACKGROUND-COLOR: #000000"Darrell.

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what's happening to my post?

whole lot of funny code showing up!

What I was trying to say (if you can figure it all out from all that code somewhere!) was that I think years ago it was useful to print at home. Now there are developers that do all that for us. So I don't see what the point of home printing is any more.


(Wonder if this posts ok!!!)
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