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I have decided to print out some of my photographs into photoalbums andam looking for software that facilitates the workflow. So far, I have tried Fotoslate and it worked pretty well: easy to use, fairly straightforward and reasonable quality. I have just downloaded the trial version of Qimage and will try that next. I have read mixed reviews of Qimage; some raves and some complaints that its color management is less intuitive and therefore more subject to mess-ups.

I am a fairly serious amateur,Windows XP, Nikon D70, Photoshop CS2 editing, Epson R1800 printer. I have decided to print the albums on Epson double-sided matte paper.

Any recommendations about which of these programs is really the easist to use? Fotoslate only seems to work with jpg files and has a fairly crude and clunky crop function. I basically expect to fully prepare my photos for printing in photoshop but would like the ability to crop in page set-up. So far I have printed straight out of Photoshop with Photoshop determining colors and the R1800 has delivered really nice results. Will I have a color management problem with Qimage?

Thanks for any insights, Robert
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Do you have a copy of Epson Film Factory? It used to ship with some Epson products (printers, cameras), but I don't know if they're still including it (I see you've got an Epson printer).

It's got an Album Pages feature that makes it easier to print pages with multiple photos on each page for albums (with the ability to place text boxes under photos with descriptions). It's not a WYSIWG type program, so you'll need to use the preview function to see your text properly.

It won't have any color management at all (AFAIK). But, it's a neat little packge for printing album pages. I also use it's redeye correction feature on tough to correct problems.

QImage is probably a better option. But, you may want to see if you've got Epson Film Factory on a CD somewhere (or already installed on your PC).

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Robert -

To followup on a comment from Jim, I've been using Qimage for the last several years to print out "photo album" pages. My printer is ancient (HP-895.) It works fine but it's limited to 8.5 x 11 inch paper.I use a "nice" three ring binder and good quality plastic inserts to hold printed pages.

Qimage is nice in that you can easily size, crop, and rotatepictures without affecting the originals. It also has "freehand" placement so you can move pictures anywhere on a page and overlap 'em if you like. It also has text capabilities so you put a quick caption on a picture.

Paul in NoVA
Olympus E- 500 C- 730
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