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Don't know if this has been asked, but a few different searches didn't turn anything up.
Bought a pack of 4X6 photo paper, which seems fine, except none of my pictures fit on the 4X6 format. Guess because the digicams aspect ratio is not the same as 4X6 paper aspect ratio?
So should I buy a different size paper? 4X6 is the only photo size paper I could find at any of the stores (normal ones like bets buys, office max, etc.)
Is there a trick to getting your photos to print properly on 4X6? Sometimes I can crop them to fit properly, but not all lend themselves to cropping, I use photoelements 4.

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You are correct. It is the different aspect ratios.

Digicam ratio = 4:3
4 x 6 paper ratio = 3:2

Using 4 x 6 paper, you have to crop. The trick, if you can, is not to frame the camera shot very tightly, so as there is room to crop.

Some photo labs will print using 4.5" x 6" paper. This is the desired 4:3 ratio, and avoids cropping. I am unsure if one can buy this paper, or if your printer would handle it.

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